[rev_slider contact_us_slider] [div-line color=“transparent“ margintop=“20px“ marginbottom=“20px“ height=“1px“] [one-fourth][h4]ABOUT SHORTCODES[/h4]

CuckooLove theme contains over ~80 shortcodes that allow you to add custom styles and elements to your site, create custom layouts for your posts, pages or any other theme units.
Shortcodes can be added using WordPress page/post editor toolbar. Click on the CuckooThemes icon and select the shortcode from the dropdown. Make sure not to delete or alter any inserted tags.

[div-line color=“#eaedee“ margintop=“25px“ marginbottom=“3px“ height=“3px“][div-line color=“#eaedee“ margintop=“1px“ marginbottom=“25px“ height=“1px“] [h5]TYPOGRAPHY[/h5][h5]TEXT BOX[/h5][h5]DIVIDING LINE[/h5][h5]COLUMNS[/h5][h5]BUTTONS & LINKS[/h5][h5]CUCKOOLIKE[/h5][h5]SLIDERS[/h5][h5]PERCENT BAR[/h5][h5]PRICING TABLE[/h5][h5]ICON BOX[/h5][h5]TABLE[/h5][h5]TABS[/h5][h5]ACCORDION[/h5][h5]TOGGLE[/h5][h5]SOCIAL MEDIA[/h5][h5]GOOGLE MAP[/h5][h5]VIDEO[/h5][h5]WORKS/PHOTOS[/h5][h5]TEAM/GUESTS[/h5][h5]TESTIMONIALS/GUESTBOOK[/h5][h5]EVENTS[/h5][/one-fourth][three-fourth last=“true“][text-box width=“100%“ align=“center“ background=“#ffffff“]CuckooLove includes several sliders: premium Revolution Slider and Nivo Slider. If you need an advanced slideshow, we recommend Revolution slider. Theme Nivo Slider doesn’t have lots of features, but it is very simple to use. Any of these sliders can be displayed anywhere in your site, even in the header of any post or page of your site (full width or full screen mode). Use as many sliders as you want and make them any size you need.


All purpose Slide Displaying Solution that allows for showing almost any kind of content with highly customizable, transitions, effects and custom animations. After you’ve created Revolution Slider, you can display it anywhere in your site by entering Slider Shortcode. Revolution Slider can be displayed in Homepage Slideshow Unit or in the header of any post or page of your site (in full width or full screen mode).

[icon icon=“fa-external-link-square“ iconsize=“18px“ margin=“0 5px 0 0″ vertical=“middle“ color=“#87cdcb“] Revolution Slider

[h4]REVOLUTION SLIDER BORDER[/h4] [code width=“100%“ background=“#f4f5f6″][main-border]Revolution Slider[/main-border][/code]

Add main site style border to the Revolution slider if needed.

[h4]NIVO SLIDER[/h4]

Theme Nivo Slider is built using Free jQuery Plugin. The Nivo Slider jQuery plugin is free to download and released under the MIT license.

You can display Nivo Slider anywhere in the site by using Nivo Slider shortcode. Nivo Slider can be displayed in Homepage Slideshow Unit or in the header of any post or page of your site (full width mode).

[slide id=“nivo-slider-smaller“ pausetime=“4000″ pauseonhover=“false“ animspeed=“400″][slideimg url=“http://demo.cuckoothemes.com/cuckoolove/option-1/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/main_slider_02-715×500.jpg“][slideimg url=“http://demo.cuckoothemes.com/cuckoolove/option-1/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/main_slider_option1_01-715×500.jpg“][slideimg url=“http://demo.cuckoothemes.com/cuckoolove/option-1/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/slider_1920_600_09-715×500.jpg“][/slide] [h4]SLIDER CONTAINER[/h4] [code width=“100%“ background=“#f4f5f6″][slide id=“1″][/slide][/code]

Parameters: id;
Other Parameters: effect, pausetime, pauseonhover, animspeed, width, boxcols, boxrows, controlnav, directionnavhide, directionnav, align, radius;
Default: id=“1″, effect=“random“, pausetime=“6000″, pauseonhover=“true“, animspeed=“1000″, width=“100%“, boxcols=“8″, boxrows=“4″, controlnav=“true“, directionnavhide=“false“, directionnav=“false“, align=“alignnone“ radius=“0″.
Slideshow Effects: sliceDown, sliceDownLeft, sliceUp, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft, fold, fade, random, slideInRight, slideInLeft, boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, boxRainGrow, boxRainGrowReverse.

[h4]SLIDER IMAGE[/h4] [code width=“100%“ background=“#f4f5f6″][slideimg url=“Insert the image URL here“][/code]

Parameters: url;
Other Parameters: title, group;
Default: url=“Insert the image URL here“, title=none, group=“gallery“.

Note: If you want to display more than one slideshow in the same page, each slideshow must have different id parameter. In addition, we suggest using images of the same size for a single slideshow to make animation flow smoothly.[/text-box][/three-fourth]