[header title=“OUR AWESOME WORKS“ color=“#333333″ animation=“fadeIn“ position=“center“ useanimation=“no“][desc color=“#000000″ delay=“0.2″ animation=“fadeIn“ position=“center“ useanimation=“yes“]BOXED PORTFOLIO WITH 3 COLUMNS AND NO FILTERS. YOU CAN ADJUST NUMBER OF COLUMNS AND PORTFOLIO SIZE (BOXED/FULL WIDTH) ASWELL AS HIDE FILTERS, EXCLUDE OR INCLUDE SPECIFIC PROJECTS, ENABLE SIMPLE OVERLAY ON HOVER AND CHANGE OVERLAY COLOR DIRECTLY FROM VISUAL COMPOSER BLOCK.[/desc][portfolio orderby=“none“ cat_orderby=“name“ hide_filters=“yes“ display_description=“yes“ is_boxed=“true“ item_width=“4″ defaultcat=“*“ simple_overlay=“false“ hide_empty=““]

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